Taking 2015 Clients

Hello all!
I can’t believe this year is almost over! I wanted to update that I am currently taking 2015 clients. If you are expecting and interested in learning how a doula can help you through your pregnancy and birth journey, contact me today!

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I’m back!

Sorry it’s been quiet here for a while. I had to take a hiatus from doula work due to my husbands job change and going down to one car.  We now have two cars so I am now able to take on clients. I’m very excited to get back to serving families!

Contact me on how a doula can help you have a better birth!

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New Study on C-sections

A new study is out stating that the main causes for our rising c-section rate are;

“the increased use of drugs to induce labor, the tendency to give up on labor too soon and deliver babies surgically instead of waiting for nature to take its course, and the failure to allow women with previous Caesareans to try to give birth vaginally.”

You can read the rest here.

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